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$379.40 for 2 crosses, 2 rings, 3 hoop earrings, 2 thin chains and a brooch. (Dec., 2010)

$614.60 for 5 broken chains, a few orphaned earrings, a cufflink and a couple of charms. (Dec., 2010)

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Everyone says they ‘pay more’, but do they really? We put our money where our mouth is each and every time. You’ll always get our best offer. We don’t lowball you with our first offer then negotiate it up. And we certainly don’t try to lure you in with artificially high posted rates then use deceptive practices to claw money back. We leave that to our competition.

Consumer Alert: Most online gold buying companies evaluate your material and issue a cheque without confirming whether you agree to accept their offer.  When a Gold Guys Canada agent evaluates your items, we do not simply send you a cheque. We will contact you with our best offer, and if you agree to the amount, we will immediately issue payment.  Otherwise, we simply return your items – no questions asked.

We’ll Beat their Best: include an official, dated, original copy of another gold buyer’s offer (from a pawnshop, jeweller, kiosk, etc.) and we will not only match it… we’ll beat it!