Below are some of the questions we anticipated that gold sellers might have for us when thinking about using our parcel mail-in service. If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here, don’t hesitate to email

Why should I choose Gold Guys over other mail-in programs?

Our experience with other mail-in programs is that the consistently underpay, are hard to contact,  and impose unreasonable hurdles to refusing their offer. What Gold Guys has in our favour is:

  • Certified jewellers and gemologists, practicing members of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee
  • Easy to contact and talk to – never more than an email or phone call away
  • Experienced gold buyers, more than 170 parties in the past year
  • No pressure or obligation to accept our offer – your esteem is worth more than your gold
  • No risk or out-of-pocket expenses for you

Is my package insured?

Canada Post automatically insures your parcel for up to $100.00. If you wish to increase the insured value, Gold Guys will reimburse you for coverage up to a maximum of $500.00 (which is the highest liability that Canada Post will accept on precious metals and gems).

Can I track my parcel?

Absolutely! The gold mail-in package that we send to you is pre-registered with a tracking number. Once you mail your parcel, you will be able to track it right to our doorstep. If you end up wanting your gold returned, you will again be provided a tracking number so you’ll know when the parcel was mailed and where it is at all times.

Do you pay different prices for different qualities?

Yes, we do. A parcel containing a bunch of 18 Karat pieces will definitely be valued higher than one containing 10 Karat pieces. Our offer to you will not only account for the gold weight but also the Karat quality.

What if my gold isn’t stamped?

No problem. Any pieces that do not carry a Karat stamp, or are questionable, are given the same accurate, non-destructive acid test that we use in front of our clients at gold parties.

What if I don’t like the offer?

It will break our hearts. :-(

Actually, if you are unsure or uncomfortable with selling your pieces at the price we offer we’ll be happy to let you “sleep on it” or, if you prefer, we’ll just pack up your gold again, write you a cheque for the money you spent sending the gold to us, and send it all back to you. We’d much rather have your respect than your gold.

What if I change my mind after I’ve sold my gold?

We guarantee to be able to return you gold to you, in total or in part, for up to 12 days after you have accepted our offer. We may keep it on hand even longer, but can’t guarantee it. Once your gold is processed, (in other words, melted into bars), there is no way to reclaim your pieces.

Can I send other valuable besides gold?

For sure! Besides your old scrap gold, you can include gold teeth, Sterling silver, platinum jewellery and even precious stones. Just keep in mind that any insurance of your package over $500.00 will be at your own expense.