Krugerrand gold and the Canadian gold maple leaf coin are the two most traded gold bullion coins in the world. According to US gold dealer Regal Assets, the Krugerrand is the most traded historically with the Canadian gold valued for it’s purity. Recently the Krugerrand was sold out at the Rand Refinery by an anonymous Swiss buyer and the Canadian Royal Mint was a week behind for gold buying. International demand for these gold coins may cause those who buy gold bullion to increase their overall holdings.

Krugerrand gold coins have been getting a lot of attention over the last few years due to the global financial atmosphere. Krugerrands have no face value yet are traded as a global currency due to it’s gold content. According to gold dealer Regal Assets, the Krugerrand was sold out for almost a month at the South African Rand Refinery. Regal advises those looking to purchase specific gold bullion coins in large quantities to act sooner than later.

Canadian gold maple leaf coins are getting similar international attention as they were the first gold bullion coins to be minted .9999 pure 24 karat. Canadian gold has the longest standing reputation for quality and purity of government backed bullion. The Royal Canadian mint has been having brief interruptions in availability due to demand. The maple leaf gold bullion coin sets the bar for weight and purity and is accepted in every county in the world.

Austrian gold coins are another form of bullion to have international presence with the same attributes of the Canadian gold. The Austrian Mint has had to add a third shift to keep up with the sporadic demand of the Austrian Philharmonic gold bullion coin. All three of these gold bullion coins are being purchased at historic levels by individuals, companies and countries who see the gold price anchoring itself into global market place.

The trend for gold is reaching every part of world as the US dollar continues to struggle to find it’s strength. US currecy use to be backed by gold but went of the gold standard in 1971 under the fiscal strain of federal expenditures for the Vietnam War which led President Richard Nixon to end the direct convertibility of the dollar making it a fiat currency. Gold does not allow the government to control or regulate the flow of commerce within their dominion with the same ease that a standardized currency does. Gold historically is the longest running form of currency accepted throughout the world.

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