Gold Guys Canada will buy your unwanted, broken, tangled or mismatched gold jewelry either through our mail-in program, at your Gold Guys event, or one-on-one in a safe and convenient location.
* 8k, 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k, 22 and 24k
* Gold and Platinum
* Broken, tangled, unwanted, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, out of style, remaining piece of missing set of earrings
* Items with Stones – We do not pay more for the items with Stones, the stones would need to be removed; we can remove them for you
instant payment for your gold jewelry.

free gold evaluation 1-877-310-5651

Items such as (but not limited to):

  • Broken, Tangled, Unwanted, Mismatched Gold Jewelry
  • Rings and Class Rings
  • Bracelets / Bangles
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces / Chains
  • Pendants / Charms
  • Gold Fingernails
  • Dental Gold
  • Ankle Bracelets
  • Estate Liquidation Jewelry

and more …

What we pay:

We base the price off the current Market Value. The Gold Market changes as quickly as the stock market so we try and capture the best possible rate for you. We payout in grams but can also quote the equivalent of pennyweight (dwt).

The amount per karat and depending on the weight we quote you the most competitive pricing available. There is no pressure to sell. You do not need to sell a lot of gold to make some great extra cash!

Examples of our payouts

old gold selling value

$102.20 for 4 hollow charms and a baby ring (Nov., 2010)

prices for scrap gold

$183.40 for 2 broken earrings, a brooch, a small cross and a child's bracelet (Dec., 2010)

sell your gold jewelry

$379.40 for 2 crosses, 2 rings, 3 hoop earrings, 2 thin chains and a brooch. (Dec., 2010)

$614.60 for 5 broken chains, a few orphaned earrings, a cufflink and a couple of charms. (Dec., 2010)

Parties, Fundraisers and Business Promotions:

Host a Gold Party! If live in the Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Cornwall area, invite your friends and family and offer them the chance to make money. What party can you come to and actually leave with money?

In a tough economy people do not want to purchase items that are not necessary but could always use extra money for things they do not use or wear.

The parties have a different atmosphere than most. Your guests get excited and surprised at how much money they receive for the small amount of jewelry they dig out of their drawers. We find many parties of friends having contests, cheering each other on or simply enjoying the stories and memories of the items being sold.

Host your Gold Party in 3 Easy Steps … more info

Not only do your friends and family make money but you as the Host receive extra money for simply having your friends over for a Girls Night Out! You will receive 7% of the total of cheques written. So a party of $3000 in checks written for gold we will write you a check for $210.


Easiest fundraiser you will ever host! You will not need to hire entertainment, rent chairs and tables, etc..You just provide us with a table, good lighting, a chair and an outlet and we are good to go.

Invite your guests to cash in their gold and leave with money! A fundraiser that you leave with cash while you are contributing to a great cause…what a concept!!! We have many insights as to how to best facilitate your event so contact us and we can go over some ideas for you.

Business Promotional Events

Invite your clients to a fun event where you will have them leave with money. Have them bring their friends and family …more traffic in your place of business and a fun, inexpensive way to have your business promoted through happy clients.

Contact us for some successful insights on to how to promote your Gold Guys Canada gold party!

Finally, a party where you don’t have to buy anything …
YOU make $$$$ … with a Gold Guys Gold Party!