You have gold to sell. We want to buy it.

GoldGuysCanada invites you to call our toll-free number to get a preliminary estimate on how much we would pay for your gold.

call today for a free estimate, 1 877 310 5651

You will talk to a professional, certified gemologist and not a customer service agent. We will give you a solid, generous quote based on the true value of gold, and not an inflated bait price.

If you agree to our price, we will buy your gold by:

  • The Slow Way – we send you a mailer, you send in your gold, we send a cheque or Interac bank transfer, (approx. 15 days)
  • The Fast Way – you FedEx your gold, we pay by Interac bank transfer (24 to 48 hours)

Remember, GoldGuysCanada has a 100% no regrets guarantee… you will either like our price or you’ll hold onto your gold. You will never be backed into a corner.