When it comes to selling your old, broken, unwanted or scrap gold, either online or in person, there are two secrets to selling your gold with confidence:

1.  Know the true value of your gold

Gold Guys Canada wants you to come to us knowing the melt value of your gold. That’s why we provide an easy guide to assessing gold’s worth.  When you know the approximate value of your gold, you will not only know that we are offering a fair price for your gold, but that our offers are significantly more generous than other online (and offline) gold buyers.

2.  Be able to walk away from the sale

When Gold Guys evaluates your gold, we don’t send you a cheque with an unreasonable timeframe to refuse. We will evaluate your gold parcel, and then will happily phone you, email you, or even web-conference with you to make our offer. If you don’t like it, you just tell us and we will package every single piece that you sent in and send it back out to you – insured and tracked!

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