Gold Guys Canada, the trusted name in gold parties, has now launched their gold parcel mail-in program. Now, clients across Canada can receive the same great payouts as Montrealers have enjoyed for the past few years.

 With more than 180 in-house gold parties and thousands of happy clients to their credit, Gold Guys Canada has the experience, the knowledge, and the reputation to provide the service that wary gold-sellers are looking for.

Gold Guys has made it a cornerstone of their service to be as transparent as the client wants, and to never pressure a sale.

Client recommendations are how we grow our business!

Certified jewellers and gemologists, the Gold Guys have been in the jewellery business in Montreal for more than 30 years. With gold now selling at record high prices, the Gold Guys are now offering their friendly, no-pressure, no-risk service to clients across the country.

How it Works…

1. Visit the Gold Guys Canada web site and make your request for a gold parcel mailer from any page on the site. Alternately, you can email or call toll free at 1-877-310-5651 web site parcel request form
2. Receive your gold parcel mailer in your mailbox in a few days. gold parcel mailer
3. Fill in the short form which records what you are sending and lets us know how you want to be notified of the Gold Guys’ offer – by phone, by email, or by virtual visit. Alternately, you can indicate that you just want us to send the cheque without discussing the offer. gold parcel form
4. Pack up your gold in the secure, pre-addressed, pre-registered parcel mailer. pack up gold parcel
5. Take your parcel to the nearest post office and send it off. You will be compensated for the full amount of shipping, even if you choose not to accept the Gold Guys’ offer on your parcel. gold parcel to mail

That’s all there is to it. And remember, there is no risk, no pressure and no obligation when you use Gold Guys Canada as your gold buyer.

If you have any questions, we might have already answered them  at Gold parcel mail-in FAQs