Gold Guys Canada was established in 2009 by three Montreal jewellers when they realized there was a real “gold mine”  hidden in dresser drawers throughout the region. Starting with parties for clients of their respective jewellery businesses, they were soon inundated with requests for parties through an incredible word of mouth response.

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Interest in buying and selling gold has seen a dramatic increase with the price of gold skyrocketing. Gold Guys Canada have garnered attention because of the refreshing and unique concept of absolute transparency and communication in the gold buying processes.

Gold Guys Canada have standards and policies that are emphasized at every gold purchase, and are active members of the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee.  Three factors establish the price that is paid for gold:

  1. The spot price of gold on the commodities market;
  2. The karat of each piece (the higher the karat, the more the piece is worth);
  3. The weight of the piece measured in grams.