Who would be stupid enough to put their gold in a bag and throw it in a mailbox?

Truthfully, many people.

Selling unwanted or scrap gold is not stupid, but doing it without a little bit of research just might be. It’s not that hard to avoid feeling like you did a stupid thing by mailing in your gold; just follow these easy guidelines:

  • Get a good idea what your gold might currently be worth. With just a calculator and a small scale you’ll find that it’s not hard to calculate the value of your gold.
  • Talk to gold buyers – really talk. Pick up the phone and call various buyers… the jeweller down the street, the kiosk in the mall, the pawn broker across town, and especially the online mail-in gold buyers. If there’s no contact number, avoid them. If there’s only voice mail, avoid them. If the person on the phone is in a call center reading a script, avoid them. Talk to qualified, knowledgeable gemologists and get their quote on what you have to sell.
  • Make a decision! You’ve gotten a few quotes for your gold, now decide which buyer offers the most and is the most trustworthy.

Some things to look for from gold buyers:

  • Does the buyer have extensive experience evaluating and buying gold?
  • Does the buyer have a physical store that you could visit if you wanted?
  • Is the buyer a trade-certified gemologist or jeweller?
  • Does the buyer belong to any business oversight organizations, and have a good rating with them?
  • Does the buyer offer a 100% gold-back guarantee if you’re not happy?

But seriously – mail in your gold?

You don’t need to feel stupid mailing in your gold to a gold buyer, just if you don’t protect yourself with knowledge first. Mailing in your gold offers advantages over other means of selling:

  • It is the most convenient method – barely need to leave your home
  • It offers the greatest ability to shop around – phone and email at your fingertips
  • It is more secure – no carrying your gold to a buyer or returning with cash

Gold Guys Canada hopes that we’ll be hearing from you soon!

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