Three days ago, with no fanfare whatsoever, we decided to offer a “free evaluation by phone” for people who want to sell their gold.

When we put this banner on a few pages of the site…

free gold evaluation 1-877-310-5651

… we didn’t really expect a huge response to it. After all, offering an evaluation over the phone on old gold jewelry, something that really has to be inspected, weighed, tested and assessed, is like offering a free cup of coffee by phone. Nevertheless, we wanted people to know that before they sell their gold, they can call us; that we are real professionals on the other end of the phone line who will make our best offer in the hopes that you’ll do business with us.

The response has completely surprised us!

It seems Canadians like to reach out before deciding to grant their trust. No one has (yet) been naive enough to expect a committed offer for their gold jewellery, but every caller has appreciated talking to one of us, discussing their parcel, airing their concerns, and then deciding what to do with their gold.

This is definitely a program we will continue and perhaps promote a little more heavily.

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