It is not uncommon to get inquiries from people who want to sell some gold jewelry, but not necessarily for the cash. Of course, they want to know how much the can get for their unwanted gold because everyone knows about the high price of gold and that this is a great time to sell gold, but getting cash for gold is not the primary motivation.

If any of the following situations sounds familiar to you, then you should seriously consider selling your gold jewellery. Now is the time.

1. Broken or damaged Jewelry – You have “orphaned” earrings? A necklace or bracelet or anklet chain with a broken clasp? A ring that’s dented, scratched or squished? Every time you looks at these pieces you think “I’ve got to get those fixed.” If you haven’t done it by now, will you ever?

Jewelry repair is expensive these days, with both the high cost of gold and the expense of labour making jewelry repair often an unreasonable option. If there’s no sentimental attachment, then sell the stuff and pick up some shiny new sparkling pieces.

2. Your jewelry looks dated - Jewelry fashion is no different from clothing – it changes from season to season. That is not suggest that you need to update your collection annually, but from one decade to the next, the style of your jewelry can become noticeably dated. Since it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a buyer who likes out-of-style gold jewellery, take it the folks who don’t even see style – gold buyers.

They won’t care about the style or age, but they’ll certainly be interested in giving you cash for your gold.

3. You have pieces that don’t mean a thing to you - In the bottom of your jewelry box is a thin chain from a boy you dated in grade 11 whose name you can’t recall. Right next to it is an earring you found on the street. And next to them, gathering dust, is your graduation ring from 20 years ago. What’s the point? Sell it and use the money on something today that you’ll actually enjoy.

4. You have pieces that mean something unpleasant - Are you still hanging on to an engagement ring that never met a wedding band? Perhaps you have both an engagement ring and a wedding band from a guy you kicked out of your life? Make a clean break from the unpleasant past and put something more pleasant and useful in your wallet.

No matter what the reason might be for you to sell your old, broken and unwanted gold jewelry, there really is no better time to do it than today.

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