While generating a fantastic client response, our free telephone evaluation offer has also brought to light another service that our clients are requiring – instant payment.

In person, we are able to make an on-the-spot cash payment for unwanted gold. By mail, though, clients have to wait for their mailer to arrive (about 5 days), have to pack up their gold and get it to a post office (another day, at least), wait for it to be delivered to us (another 5 days), and then wait for their cheque to arrive (another 5 days). 15 to 20 days seems like a long time to complete a gold buy and sell transaction, but that is just the way it is, isn’t it?

Once we make our offer on gold to sell, our telephone clients are asking how long it would take to get paid. 20 days is too long for many, so we are launching a service to do it in 24 hours!

call today for an instant evaluation

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call us for a FREE evaluation by phone
  2. If we agree on the conditional offer, then send the item(s) to us by priority overnight courrier service (we’ll even pay 50% of the shipping cost if your items are valued at $200 or more)
  3. Once assessed, we transfer your payment directly to your bank account through Interac e-Transfer.

simple and secure immediate payment
How does it work?

Nothing gets quicker and easier than that!

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