What a fun and interesting weekend this past one turned out to be.

Gold Guys decided to take our services on the road and to host our own public gold party at the Stephen Shaar Community Center in Hudson, QC. We did not know what to expect… would it be a complete bust or an unquestionable success?

From a gold buying point of view the weekend was well worth it, but from a “making connections” point of view the weekend was fantastic! The people from Hudson and neighbouring towns are so friendly, open and relaxed that each of the four of us commented on it. A beautiful region, and great residents.

We’ll definitely be coming back to Hudson later on, and will also be taking our travelling gold buying road show to other small towns – but they’ll all have a lot to measure up to.

Shout out to Sharon from the Hudson Dance Center – it was a pleasure meeting you, and we hope to see you again soon, (give some thought to your own gold party!).

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