Today CTV Montreal released a special video report by Tanya Krywiak entitled All that Glitters, an investigative piece into the gold buying / selling process.

While we were expecting the typical sensationalist journalism taking the easy road and reporting solely on the complaints and charges that swirl around Dollars 4 Gold, Tanya surprised us pleasantly by going deeper and providing tips and advice on what to realistically expect from gold buyers.

Sure, D4G almost begs for the negative press because of their payouts, but sellers also enter into these deals with dreams of riches and often complain loudly when confronted with the words, “Really, that is the absolute most we can give you for this.”

As Tanya Krywiak points out:

  • Your gold will be assessed for its melt value, not for its resell value, age, artistry or sentiment.
  • Your gold will be assessed for its karat – a 10K gold item has less than 50% gold content!
  • Your gold will be assessed for gold weight only, the weight of any pearls or stones will be subtracted from the total item weight.
  • An offer will typically be made based on the day’s gold spot price. Knowing what that is will help you decide if the purchase offer is fair and reasonable.
  • If you sell to an online buyer, investigate them! Test how reachable they are by calling or emailing. Check the BBB for any complaints. Know their policies on getting your gold back if you decline the offer.


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