We’ve finally done it! After seemingly endless gruelling months we’ve finally released the new Gold Guys site with a more refined look and a more singular message, as well as launching our sister site, My-Gold-Party.ca.

Gold Guys a “Cash for gold” site?!

For almost two years, the Gold Guys site promoted our gold party services in and around Montreal. While we have certainly enjoyed the hospitality of many hosts and getting to know countless new people, we have always come to realize (through talking to our gold party guests) that there is an under-served market in the gold mail-in sector. What is this market? It is the vast number of people across Canada who have old, scrap gold that they want to sell, but are unable to bring themselves to toss that jewellery into an envelope for fear of being ripped-off or scammed.

Because Gold Guys wants to get out there and make our name known as an open, accessible, fair and trustworthy gold buyer, we have re-branded the www.GoldGuysCanada.com web site to primarily carry this message.

And the Montreal gold parties?

We just couldn’t bring ourselves to give up on the gold parties, especially since there is still a demand for them, but that service will now be promoted through our new sister site, www.My-Gold-Party.ca.

So, we invite you to visit both sites and let us know what you think, if you’re so inclined. get in touch with us if you want to host a Montreal gold party, or, if you’re outside the Montreal region, feel free to request a mailer to send in your gold.


  1. Gold would be a great Xmas gift!

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