As gold prices continue to climb, an ever-increasing number of customers are eager to participate in the cash for gold craze. The decision about where to sell gold, however, is not an easy one. Gold buying businesses that gain a reputation of offering high gold prices, honest service, and no-obligation estimates will prosper and stand out from shadier, fly-by-night operators.On July 13, Gold Prices jumped to more than $1,200 per ounce – near an all-time high – and are predicted to break $1,330. Under these conditions, a flood of would-be gold sellers are searching for jewellers and gold buyers to get an estimate on their old jewellery.

After 20 years of relative stagnation in gold price, prices took off around the year 2000 and have been rising steadily since. With prices recently near $1,200 per ounce – over four times the price of a decade ago – old gold jewellery suddenly has significant and often surprising value.

Many people wonder about the options and the process of cashing in their unworn jewellery. There are many ways to sell gold: pawn shops, jewellery stores, mail-in websites, and gold parties. Gold Guys Canada is a precious metals recycling business devoted to ensuring the highest return on all gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. Testing is done is front of the client, appraisals are free and cash payouts are made on the spot.

There is no shortage of conjectures about the direction of gold price – whether it continues the record setting upwards climb or whether a peak has been reached. But at these prices, it is certain that the cash for gold industry will provide important services to customers looking to recycle their jewelry, coins, bars, nuggets, and bullion items.

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