Selling unwanted or scrap gold items like jewellery, watches, coins or even dental gold makes perfect sense from both a financial perspective and from an environmentally-aware (“green”) perspective.

Gold is trading at almost $45,000 a kilo – record numbers! The influences behind such a high price for gold are simple; in times of economic and political uncertainty, individual investors and national governments alike buy gold in increasing quantities. Gold is seen as being a “safe” investment which will hold its value when stocks are shaky or the value of national currencies is under threat. Billions of dollars have been shifted from investing in stocks and shares and used to buy gold, at the same time, national governments have seen the need to support their economies by buying gold in order to maintain the value of their home currency to prevent runaway inflation and continue to encourage economic investment.

For those thinking about selling their gold jewelry and other gold items, now is an excellent time to sell because the price is so high, but is becoming less attractive in terms of offering future growth prospects. Sellers waiting to see if the economy is going to recover run the risk of a collapse in the gold price and their ability to take advantage of the value they have locked up in their old gold.

Another consideration is that old gold delivers no value to either a household’s finances or personal fashion when it is sitting unused in a drawer. Much better to sell old gold items and use the money generated to pay down debts, especially expensive credit cards and high interest loan arrangements.

Selling Old Gold is Environmentally Friendly

Unfortunately, mining gold ore is environmentally damaging on a grand scale! Mining operations remove tons of earth in order to extract usable ore, and it takes tons of ore to be processed using highly toxic acids and chemicals, as well as huge amounts of electricity and water, before a single kilo is produced.

While new gold comes with a very high environmental cost, refined old gold is no different gold freshly extracted from the ground and the greatest part of the environmental price has already been paid. It is far less costly to the environment to refine your old gold items than it is to mine it from new.

Selling your old gold jewelry and valuables is simple and convenient, and it makes excellent sense for your finances and for your own impact on the environment.


  1. Looks like now is the time to sell it.

  2. Every day the Commodity prices are increasing, Gold and Silver have touched all time high, good time to buy as well as sell gold & silver.

    • Respectfully disagree. While gold spot prices are remaining high, the determined and steady climb that we witnessed over the past year is no longer operating. We’ve been sitting on a plateau for months now, and my personal feeling is that the bubble is full. So, while now is still a great time to sell gold, I’d have to say that if I were the one investing my cash, it would not be into gold anymore.

  3. I totally agree with this. It might surprise others, but the service of gold recycling helps to save lives and our environment. Gold mining imposes heavy burdens on the environment. After blasting the mines, tons of waste ore and wasteland is left with nowhere to go. Getting cash for gold has never been as profitable as it is now. for our pockets, and for the world.


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