Gold prices climbed above $1400 per ounce marking an all time high for the precious metal. Prices have risen 25% year to date, and many analysts predict that the trend will continue. Analyst Charles Shin of Pretium Ventures in Hong Kong agrees with the general consensus that gold prices will continue to rise.

“I expect gold to continue to rise for at least another 8 months, and it could reach as much as $1500 per ounce. Of course there will be ups and downs, but the fundamentals are there to support a continued increase in gold prices.”

Gold prices jumped almost 3% last week after the FED’s announcement of its $600 billion asset-purchase program. Continued concerns over stabilizing currencies bode well for gold, and with the economies of the world still in recovery there is no reason for gold’s upward trend not to continue.

Many analysts predict that gold could reach $1450 by the end of 2010, and break $1500 in 2011. Some analysts predict that gold will break $2000 and even higher, however Shin argues that though gold could break $2000 by 2012, the data just doesn’t support that kind of increase in the short term.

Gold will continue to be a great investment to hedge against inflation. Though many fear that it is a bubble waiting to pop, it seems that the fundamentals are sound for gold to continue to appreciate for the next few months at least.


About Pretium Ventures:
Pretium Ventures is a Hong Kong based investment firm specializing in promoting successful growth of young companies. As a venture Capital firm Pretium Ventures is unique in its client centric approach to supporting the growth of businesses as well as its ability to cater to small to medium sized individual and institutional investors.

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